Castle Passillé

postcard from the early twentieth century.

Once upon a time …history Castle Passillé, the locality Passillé.

Located in Brittany, it is nestled in the green 35 kms from Mont Saint Michel 1,5 kms from the town of Parigné (35133). This town comes from the Roman “Parinus”. In the tenth century, a village named “Parish of Parigneio” (Parish Parigné) is created near the village of Passillé.

L & rsquo; Parigné early church was told, on the site of the & rsquo; pond Passillé which we sometimes hear again, d & rsquo; the legend, the ringing of its bells. Today & rsquo; hui, poplars occupy this place in the lower park.

tenth Century :

Traces & rsquo; human occupation dating back to 990, date on which the Villa Passillé was given to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel with Villamée and the fief of the Haut-Pays and later, a priory with its dependencies are installed.

XVII Century :

There are also several small farms from the 17th century including a restored part is visible in front of the field on stables Jean-Baptiste Helleux.

Nineteenth century :

At the end of the 19th, a few meters from the lordship of Passillé, a large house is built, ceilings with curls. Near, a barn and a barn were redeveloped.

Construction :

The first stone was laid in 1881 to the initiative of 'Edouard de Boullevraye Passillé (1839-1897), owner of a nearby farm. This big stage remains in a state remained perfect, for this was extremely rare late nineteenth century and the inhabitants of nearby villages had to then used to call the "castle".

Twentieth century :

sold in 1937 The spouses Guelte, they resell the domain 1941 Mayor of the town of Parigné, Pierre Guerin. The new owner of the castle was known as healer Passillé, farmer and mayor. disappeared 1946, his wife and children retain ownership that & rsquo; they will give in 1973 the daughter of Pierre Guerin, Marie-Cecile and her husband Rene Chauvin.

XXI Century :

Castle Passillé, his 4ha park, its graded timber with its biodiversity in wetland, his current d & rsquo; water and outbuildings remain the home of Mrs. Chauvin who talks with a lot of strength. With children,she decided to sell it 2018 Samia and Florian Lemoine.

Originally from the village of Tremblay 30 km of Parigné, c & rsquo; is a homecoming for Samia and Florian his youth spent in St Cast on Côte d & rsquo; Emerald.

And after ? :

Inaugurated in 2019, the Château de Passillé welcomes in its domain gites , a chalet for family or professional events and a beer brewed directly on the property, la shook.

C & rsquo; is a place full of 1030 years & rsquo; history and 140 years of the "Castle Passillé", Samia and Florian will write the next lines.